What is Dragon City Game And How To Hack It

All the credits go to these fantastic epics like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and of course the most popular TV series, Game of Thrones, it seems that the whole world has gone crazy with dragons, and not it is probably not a bad thing. In fact, even we would wish for a dragon as a pet if that were possible.

If you feel like we do in this drama story, Dragon City is the right game for you. Like many other games that are available online, this is also free to play, but lately, it has turned many heads.

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Since they disprove the belief that good graphics are not always everything, and the content of the game is also very important.

The game is quite impressive, and the only bad part about it is that to reach its maximum potential, you have to spend a lot of your own money on it.

Dragon City Game Free Download

From game creators like Monsters Legends, World Chef, Social Wars comes another fantastic.

On various platforms such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and has found a substantial admirer thanks to its simple but addictive gameplay that revolves around the majestic beasts – Dragons.

Aim of the game

In the grame, you have to breed and breed dragons to create a habitat (called Dragon City) full of dragons. You can also use your dragons to fight with other players’ dragons.

Development of development

As mentioned above, the developers of famous mobile phone games.

Dragon City is available on Facebook and for the iOSD users they can upgrade from old game but that was back in May 2014.

The developers had not originally planned to launch Android, so there was a need to rewrite the code,” said Sergi Velez, technical director of Social-point.

Social Point, the game engine was based on an open source driver called cocos-2d-x. They modified it again and called it Hydra.


Dragon City is a simulation game. The general gameplay is therefore based on actions that simulate activities in the virtual world of the game.

Here, we give you an island where you have your dragons at home. You must raise, feed and feed your dragons from the egg stage to becoming a big dragon.

Your goal must be to collect gems and other items and produce the best dragon.

Players can collect up to 600 different dragons to become Dragon City’s largest collector.

You can also use your adult dragons to fight against other players’ dragons or master challenges that offer you rewards.

Types of Dragons

Dragons in this game can be roughly divided into the following categories: Terra-Dragons, Flame Dragons, Dark Dragons, Natural Dragons, Sea Dragons, Legendary Dragons, Light Dragons, Metal Dragons, Ice Dragons, War Dragons, Electro-Dragons and Pure Dragons.

Some kites are not reproducible, e. g. Legendary Dragons, Exclusive Elemental Dragons and a few more.

Each dragon has a different habitat, breeding season and reproductive period.

As the dragon grows, its level increases with its size until it reaches the fully developed state, which is the highest level. You must also have a minimum shop and habitat level to purchase and house the dragon.

When you sell a dragon, you receive coins to improve your home or buy other dragons.